4 Tips for Leveling the Ground for a Vinyl Fence

Adding a vinyl fence to your yard is a way for you to increase the privacy of your home and even the value. A vinyl fence is a great choice because it is inexpensive, light, durable and easy to install, unlike other materials like wood or metal. The major concern with placing any type of fence is making sure the land is level. Without a level area to work with the vinyl fence simply will not be even and an uneven fence is simply an eyesore. This is moreso the case with a vinyl fence because the posts are closer together for stability purposes. With this being the case the eye is drawn to more of the fence making it very easy to spot where it is not level. The article below will share with you some tips and methods on how you can get that land level so installing your vinyl fence will not be difficult.

1. Heavy Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes a person makes when installing a fence is breaking out heavy machinery. This is fence installation and not erecting a large building or making a pool. Using heavy equipment to excavate the land is a surefire way to make the ground unlevel. You will always take more away than what you actually need and then you will backfill the area. This adds more air and fluff to the ground which means the vinyl fence will settle more over time, eventually causing it to be unlevel. Stick to the simple tools and do not try to go big and fast.

2. Use a Level

In order for you to get your land level you need to know that it is level. You can eye it up but that will not tell you for certain it is level. You will need to use the level along the entire fence and not just one part here and there.

3. A Little Off the Top

A big mistake that is often made by homeowners installing a vinyl fence on their own is taking away too much land. This is a bigger issue than it seems but, as mentioned previously, removing too much land creates pockets of air and settling of the ground. When removing land for the fence installation remove enough for the depth of the posts, then remove more land by small amounts and then check the level. This may take longer than you like in order to install the fence but you will ensure that it is even and level.

4. Do Not Neglect Tamping

Tamping is the process of flattening out an area by using force and a heavy tool. Leveling the ground for the vinyl fence is best done when the land is flat. A level will let you know when this is the case but flattening the earth with your hand is a daunting task. Using a tamper tool to flatten the excavated ground will go a long way to making sure the vinyl fence is level.