4 Tips for Loading a Grease Gun

A grease gun is typically used in garages and workshops to keep items lubricated. There are several different types of guns that include hand powered that use a trigger, hand powered with no trigger and air powered. There are many different types of lubricants and grease that can be loaded and used with a grease gun.

There are several different kinds of grease guns, although loading them is similar for all of them. A lever grease gun will use a long lever that pushes the grease out. You will need two hands to operate this and it is by far the most common of all grease guns. A pistol grip grease gun will have a pistol-like trigger. The hand grip gun will use the pressure produced by your hand pumping. An air powered gun is much more dangerous and powerful to use. This is a type of pneumatic gun that is used in commercial industries.

1. Replace the Grease Cartridge

Many people have trouble loading cartridge grease guns. It is important that you pull back the T handle, which connects to a spring loaded rod, and latch it into place. Unscrew the head of the grease gun, break the seal and insert the cartridge into the barrel assembly. You want to screw it in tight, but not too tight. Unlatch the rod. Sometimes there may be air in the cartridge, which can cause the gun not to load. Unscrew the head a little and allow any air to escape.

2. The T Handle

The hard part comes if your T handle does not lock into place, since you will have to hold it out. This is very important and if the T handle is not fully pulled out when loading you will have issues when distributing grease. If you should have to hold the handle out with one hand and then screw in the new cartridge you will have difficulties. The easiest way to get around this is to have a friend help. If no one else is around then make sure the cap and seal are undone on the cartridge before pulling back the T rod. This way you will just have to put the new cartridge into place, and this can technically be done with one hand.

3. Loading Bulk Grease

Bulk grease can be convenient if you use a lot of grease. You do not want to refill an already used cartridge because they can easily deteriorate and ruin your grease gun. The main issue with suctioning in new grease is that it does not flow very well. This is an issue if you are vacuum filling the grease gun or using a pump. The easiest way to get around this is to warm up the grease a bit. Make sure you read the specifications so you do not heat the grease up too high. If you do not want to vacuum load the gun then you can also scoop up the grease and pack it into the new cartridge. However, this method will create many air pockets, which can cause an issue when using the gun.

4. Contaminants

You want to be very careful when loading the gun to prevent contaminants ending up in the grease. This is also a problem with grease cartridges, as metal slivers can mix in with the grease if you are not careful.