4 Tips for Maintaining Your Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioner is among the quietest types of AC when in operation. The secret for this technology is that separate machines are used to operate this system. The main cooler of the unit is installed on the inside of the room. It cools and the compressor, which is strategically located on the outside of the room that is being cooled. Keeping the ductless air conditioner quiet for a lot of years will be easy once you have regular maintenance for this unit. There are a lot of professionals who offer services for maintaining this type of air conditioner, but you can follow the tips below to do all of these on your own, saving you the cost of hiring experts.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Almost every air conditioning unit makes use of filters that work by helping clean the air your cooling unit emits. Without proper care, it might affect the operation of your unit. The main purpose of the filters is to keep the insides of your air conditioner clean, so it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis, like every 2 to 4 weeks This will ensure a longer life for your air conditioner and cleaner air for you and your family.

The first symptoms of a poorly maintained filter are that the AC unit takes longer for it to cool than usual. Also, it would consume more electricity than it usually does. Eventually, if you neglect the cleaning or replacement of your filters, you will end up losing your air conditioner as it will fail to function at all. 

Keep Pipes Clean

To properly emit the heat inside your room and to prevent leaks, you should always make sure that the pipes that connect the main air conditioner to the compressor are always clean. Remember that any obstruction from this connection can greatly affect the performance of your unit.

Keep the Air Conditioner Clean

This is a very basic maintenance procedure for maintaining your air conditioner. Keeping it clean all the time ensures that the cooling power of your air conditioner is not affected because of all the dirt that is trying to enter the system. It is advisable to schedule a weekly cleaning routine for your air conditioner to keep it in top shape and performance.

Keep the Compressor Clean

The overall performance of your air conditioner does not only come from a perpetually clean interior air conditioner, but also the compressor. Remember that once your compressor breaks down, your air conditioner will fail to function as well. You can prevent this by making sure the compressors are always clean. You can also schedule a weekly cleaning maintenance for the compressor together with your air conditioner.