4 Tips For Making Your SUV More Fuel Efficient

Vehicle owners are struggling to make their SUV fuel efficient. Gas can eat up much of the household budget so cutting down on this expense will enable you to save a lot of money. Here are some ways on how to save on SUV gas expenses.

1. Drive Smoothly

Driving aggressively consumes more fuel. Hard brakes and quick acceleration can burn more fuel than when you drive with patience and care. Not only will you save money doing this, you can also save your life. Reckless drivers are obviously more prone to accidents than those who steer the wheel with caution.

2. Turn Off Engine

If you are on a full stop for more than 30 seconds, it would be practical to turn off your engine to avoid excessive consumption of fuel.

3. Inflate Tire Properly

Always check the pressure of the tires of your cars at least every month. See to it that all the tires are inflated evenly. Under inflation will consume fuel 6 percent more than what it usually does.

4. Use Less Air Conditioner

As much as possible, roll down the windows to get a breath of fresh air. By doing this will help you save up on fuel use.