4 Tips for Painting a Cool Deck

Painting a cool deck gives your summer barbeque's and family gatherings a fun and inviting place to enjoy the outdoors. The deck itself is the area, which all other outdoor décor is based. To be sure your deck is cheerful and interesting, try the following these 4 tips for painting a cool deck.

1.  Paint or Stain

If you have recently built your deck, you will need to allow it to cure for 3 months before painting or staining. Then you will need to decide whether to stain or paint your deck. If you decide to paint, consider using a bright color. White is always nice, but adding a strong color such as red, light blue, or yellow will brighten up the space.

If you plan to use a stain, don’t be afraid to use two tones of stain. For instance, you could do the deck floor in a light stain, and the built in seating or railing in a dark stain. You can also use both paint and stain in this same manner, such as painting the railing and deck floor with color, and staining the built-in seating. The contrast will add charm. After this decision has been, you can add additional embellishments, such as stencils.

2.  Stencils

For added interest, you can add a stencil to your deck. Stencils are found at craft supply and home improvement stores, and online. You can find any design you can imagine. They are inexpensive, and will give your deck a big bang! You can add a large stencil in the center with your family name initial, or choose a design. Another option is to add a border to your deck to match the theme of your décor. If it is a garden theme, with lots of plants, you can use butterfly, fern, or bird designs. Again, the possibilities are endless! Be sure that the paint color you use will stand out against the paint or stain by creating a contrast meaning a dark stencil on light paint or stain, or a light color stencil on dark.

3.  Finishes

If you are painting your deck, you can add a finish to your paint to give it texture. You have a couple of options. You can spray on a crackle finish or give it a distressed look. For the crackle finish, you will use a lighter color than your overall deck color. The more contrast in paint colors, the more interesting it will look. Simply spray the crackle evenly over the areas you want the finish and let it completely dry. As it dries it will begin to separate, or crack, which will expose the paint underneath. If you would like a distressed look, take wax and rub on the deck in the areas that you would like to expose the color after painting over again. After you add the second color on top and allow it to dry, scrape the waxed areas off. This gives the look of an old painted barn.

4.  Protect

Whatever combination or design you decide to use, be sure that you use a good deck sealant to protect all of your hard work. You will want to give your deck a new coat of deck sealer each year as well to be sure you enjoy your cool deck for years to come!