4 Tips for Properly Using Aluminum Paint

Aluminum paint is a very versatile paint that has several possible ways that it can be used and applied. Real flecks of aluminum are used in aluminum paint, along with fiberglass resin as a base to help it adhere to surfaces. Aluminum paint has to be applied properly in order to make sure it will stay put for years to come. The article that follows will share with you proper methods on how to apply aluminum paint, as well as its benefits and safety issues.

1. Always Protect Yourself

Painting should not be dangerous or complicated, but using aluminum paint brings with it some safety difficulties. Aluminum paint includes fiberglass resin as a base and real aluminum to give it that metallic shine. These two features also present you with a couple unique safety considerations. Always wear eye protection, disposable gloves and a respirator when using aluminum paint. Getting this type of paint in your eyes could cause damage to your corneas. Inhaling aluminum paint can cause breathing problems, as well as possible tears in your lungs from the metallic specks. If you happen to get some on your skin it will require a lot of scrubbing and the use of rubbing alcohol. This will severely dry out your skin. You are better off never getting into these situations, so take proper precautions.

2. Surface Effectiveness

If you want aluminum paint to be effective then you need to use it on the correct surface. This type of paint, despite its name, does not always have to be used on metal surfaces. It is just as effective on wood as it is on plastic and metal. Using it on metal will make it stand out as being fresh and clean. It will also cover any rust or blemishes that may be present. It will prevent rust and corrosion from happening on whichever metal it is applied to.

3. Insulation

When work is being done on your home; you will hear a lot about insulation materials and their r-value. In the end, you simply want to save money on heating and cooling. The best duct work is made out of aluminum and the seams are covered with aluminum tape. This is because aluminum does not conduct heat, which prevents heat loss. It also helps keep the cool air where it belongs. Aluminum paint can be applied to duct work and wood to aid the rest of the home in these savings. It will also be cheaper than using a contractor and aluminum tape.

4. Even Application

Due to the materials used to make aluminum paint it's somewhat harder to achieve an even application of the paint on a surface. Essentially, when you use an aluminum spray paint you are expelling fiberglass resin and specks of actual aluminum. This will create a somewhat chunky application. With other types of paint you would apply it from several inches away in order to prevent running and pooling of paint. Aluminum spray paint needs to be applied at a closer distance in an even and precise coat.