4 Tips for Resetting Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Many times the vinyl pool liner will have to be fixed or reset. While you can have a professional come and do it for you, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Here are a few tips that can help you through the process with ease.

Beading Off Track

If the beading from the liner has come off track and this is the part that you need to reset, then you can do it pretty easily. You typically want the liner to be tight so when it comes loose or is off center you want to pull it back to where it was and then you can use a blow dryer or a heat gun to lock it back into the track. Mostly you will have to do a lot of stretching and pulling to get it back into place but once you do, you can use the heat to lock it in. If you do not have one of these two things, then professionals suggest that you try boiling hot water. If this is something that keeps happening to you then you might want to consider a liner lock that will help to hold it into place.

Sucking Back into Place

If you have gotten to the point where the water has been completely sucked out of the pool, you will have to actually remove some of the walls to suction the liner back into place with a vacuum. This is probably one of the hardest tasks to do but definitely do able. Basically, the vacuum removes any of the air that is between the liner and the wall of the pool so that it doesn't bunch up or get ripped while you are swimming. To do this you will want to be filling up the pool at the same time that you are vacuuming at a certain point between the wall and the vinyl. This resetting process goes much more smoothly with the water on because it keeps wrinkles from forming around the pool and liner.

Remove Any Objects

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are resetting their pools after a problem is that they don't remove all of the objects or debris that is between the wall and liner or near the liner. You do not want to be suctioning the liner to a wall that has something on it because it will tear and you will have to buy a new one and start all over again. Making sure that everything is cleaned out from the get go is the best way to go about this task.

Check the Size

While this tip may seem like an obvious one, many pool owners do not have the correct size for their liners and often have problems resetting or installing. While it may go on fine the first time, you will most likely encounter problems if you do not have the proper size liner for your pool.

These tips should help your process of resetting go smoothly.