4 Tips for Rolling a Light Sleeping Bag Extra Small

Knowing how to properly roll a light sleeping bag is a useful way to prioritize space during camping and hiking expeditions. Here are four useful tips to help you roll your light sleeping bag as small as possible.

1. Lay it Flat

Lay the sleeping bag out flat on a floor or tent area. Make sure it is fully zipped. All cords, straps, etc. should be inside the sleeping bag rather than hanging out.

2. Fold Properly

Before rolling, fold the light sleeping bag in halves or thirds.

3. Roll From the Bottom

Always roll up from the bottom lengthwise, holding the bag tightly to compress any air it might be holding. This process gets rid of excess bulkiness from air pockets and ensures that your bag will roll as small as possible.

4. Use a Compression Sack

For the best results, store the light sleeping bag in a special sack designed to keep the sleeping bag compressed. These bags are often called compression sacks or stuff sacks. Most will contain vertical and horizontal straps to further compress and hold the light sleeping bag and keep it confined to as small a space as possible.

Putting these tips to use will help you minimize the amount of space needed for your light sleeping bag.