4 Tips for Selling a High Mileage Car

A speedometer in a car.

Buyers tend to stay away from high mileage vehicles, and that makes it difficult when you want to sell a car that you have used extensively. There are some ways to optimize the sale of a high mileage car or truck. These tricks are used by sellers to offset the age on an odometer.

1. Use Manufacturer Estimates

High mileage can be deceptive, especially for some of the most popular sedans on the market like Toyota and Honda models. Although buyers might balk at buying a car with over 100,000 miles, these cars have been known to go 200,000 and more, making a high mileage investment very reasonable. Point this out at sale time to get buyers more interested.

2. Features

Focus on special features. If the vehicle has air conditioning, audio systems, and other extras that will add more convenience, use them to your benefit.

3. Condition

Show that the exterior or interior of your vehicle is in good condition. You can target this customer base with pictures in online ads.

4. Low Associated Costs

Another big seller for high mileage vehicles is that specific customers look for the lowest overall cost. An older model vehicle comes with a lower insurance premium due to its deflated blue book value. Some buyers are also interested in vehicles that have simpler, less expensive maintenance needs.