4 Tips for Transporting a Gun Safe

Although a gun safe will normally be located in a permanent position, influencing circumstances such as a house move or a home remodeling project may require it to be moved. The very nature of firearms means that this project can be a risky maneuver, but by paying careful attention to a few simple tips, it's very easy to relocate your gun safe without causing harm to yourself, your family or your gun collection.

Prepare Route

Encountering an obstruction while you are transporting the gun safe is a possibility if proper planning is overlooked. Think about the route that the safe will need to be taken on and take all the potential problems into account.

Prepare the route by taking appropriate actions to clear the path of any unnecessary items. For large varieties of gun safes, measure the dimensions of it to ensure that it will fit through every doorway. Consider how it will need to be maneuvered to get it into position and whether there is sufficient space to allow this to be undertaken easily.

Safety Wear

The weight of a gun safe can put your fingers and toes at risk during the process of moving it if it is not done properly. To prevent any potential injury being suffered, ensure that you use relevant safety gear throughout the process of transporting the safe.

Using gloves which ensure a firm grip on the palm and will reduce the risk of harm to your hands as well as helping you to maintain a proper hold of the safe. Wear overalls or other long-sleeved garment to protect your forearms. Protect your feet from injury with steel-capped boots in case the gun safe falls onto them.


Ensure the task is undertaken as efficiently as possible by obtaining the correct equipment to help you. Moving a heavy gun safe from one location to another will require a vehicle that has a hydraulic lifting platform. This way, the gun safe does not have to be passed up or down from the rear of the vehicle. This would be almost impossible to achieve safely.

In addition, a moving dolly will also be required and these can be obtained from an equipment hire store. Due to the fact that the safe is likely to be heavier than many other appliances in your home, the dolly used must be a reinforced one and capable of taking the total weight. A strap should be tied around the dolly and the safe to keep them secured, especially if you intend to negotiate stairs.


Although you should avoid lifting the gun safe as much as possible, there will be occasions when it becomes necessary. This can be made easier with the help of a friend or two. With someone holding the moving dolly steady, carefully tip the safe by levering it against the bottom edge on the far side. A person at each side can slide it onto the dolly with a minimal amount of lifting while always talking to others present so that you are pre-warned of all actions.

If possible, two people should be operating the dolly with another person directing it from the front. Always bend your knees when lifting rather than using your back.