4 Tips for Using a Router Blade When Laminating a Countertop 4 Tips for Using a Router Blade When Laminating a Countertop

If you want to add a laminate to your countertop, then you can finish off the job quickly and easily by using router blades to cut off any overhanging edges. This is a good method of ensuring that you get a good finish to your laminate counter, and it can also help you to avoid getting those small nicks in your laminate which can occur when you have to saw through the ends with a hacksaw or a craft knife. When you are using the router blades to finish the laminate, then you should take extra care not to harm yourself, as router machines are particularly quick and dangerous.

1. Practice Basic Safety

Whenever you are operating any kind of cutting tool, you should make sure that you take the right kind of safety precautions. This means that you will have to ensure that you wear safety glasses at all times, and also that you remember to check that the tool is working correctly before you start, put on safety gloves, and also don't use the router blades when you are tired or stressed out. Wear long-sleeves, but make sure that they are not loose, and don't let them get in the way of the blade,  and take off any rings or bracelets which could get in the way. Always make sure that you keep your eyes on the machine when you are performing the cut, and ensure that you turn it off properly once the job has been done.

2. Keep the Router Blades Steady

When you are trimming down the laminate at the end of the project, you will need to keep the router and its blades steady enough to get a good cut through the laminate. You don't want to cut off the countertop, but you do want to make sure that you get as close as possible to the edge of the counter. Keep your arms steady by resting them on something,  such as your legs. If you are following a mark, then you should keep the router blades pressed into the mark, and push it forward, rather than attempting to follow the line by sight alone.

3. Mark the Cut

Being able to follow a line which is clearly marked on the laminate, rather than trying to keep a straight line in freehand, will also help you to cut down the laminate using the router blades very safely. Take the time to mark a straight line using a piece of chalk and a piece of 2x4, or anything else with a suitably straight edge. You need to make sure that the line is straight, and not moving off to the side.

4. Make One Cut

Rather than making several passes with your router, it is a good idea if you make only one cut along the line of the laminate. This will help to prevent the final counter top from looking jagged. Cut in one smooth movement, and this should create a smooth finish which will look good for many years.

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