4 Tips for Using an Ozone Generator in Your Pool

An ozone generator helps to keep the pool more hygienic and prevents mold infection, smoke damage and other such things that can damage the water of the pool. Ozone generators are very efficient and have gained lot of popularity in the recent times. There are various kinds of ozone generator available for your pool and each one has its own speciality. For buying the perfect ozone generator for your pool and for maintaining it properly here are a few tips.

Tip 1: What to Buy?

Ozone is very corrosive. It corrodes metal very easily and unfortunately for bringing power to the generator presence of metal is a must. So you must buy an ozone generator with few whistles and bells. Also try buying one without an internal timer. You can always use an extension cord and fix an external timer. This will solve your purpose and at the same time the risk of the timer getting damaged due to ozone will be decreased. Also while buying the ozone generator, make sure the store is providing you a proper servicing facility.

Tip 2: Voltage

An ozone generator works by converting air in to ozone with the help of a very high voltage spark. To create this spark the ozone generator requires a lot of power and thus it has a very high voltage rating. This voltage rating varies from product to product and you must consult the vendor before you buy a particular product. You must get information about its voltage, how many amperes of current is required and wattage. Then you must see if the power supply of your house can provide this. It is only after you see that a particular ozone generator can run on your power supply you should purchase it.

Tip 3: Maintenance

Every month you must check the connections and wiring of the pool ozone generator and make sure they are perfect. The ozone generator usually gives out a bluish or a purple glow. If the color of this glow changes to yellow or if it is very light and nearly white then there must be a short in the ozone generator. If there are dark spots on the glass cover or if there are any cracks on it then you must immediately change the cover. The dark spots indicates that the glass cover is damaged in those portions and if it breaks the pool will get electrified and this might have fatal consequences.

Tip 4: Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil may get damaged after usage for a long time. If it breaks down the pool ozone generator will not perform efficiently and the amount of ozone created by the ozone generator will be less. In this case you must change the aluminium foil and you will surely get back the same performance as before. For changing the aluminium you can contact the service center or you can try it by yourself. It is a moderately difficult task and if you go by the instructions properly you can do it easily.