4 Tips for Wiring a Sauna Light

Your sauna light is exposed to varying temperature so it is very important that you wire it carefully for safety. No, you cannot just install your sauna lights the way to install a light bulb in your kitchen.  Remember that temperature inside your sauna can easily reach high temperature so you need to make sure that your lighting system can cope with temperatures as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand large amount of vapor. To help you wire your sauna light safely, here are some tips for you.

Check Your Local Building Code

Some states have very specific requirements when it comes to wiring saunas so it is best to check with your local building authority regarding sauna wiring requirements. If your state requires you to submit an electrical plan for your sauna, use the electrical plan suggested in your sauna kit as reference and pay close attention to the wire sizes required by your local building code. Have the plan approved by your local building authority before you use it to avoid problems. Once the plan is approved, follow it properly so that you will not have problems with the building inspectors later on.

Use Liquid Tight Conduit

When wiring your sauna light, use liquid tight conduit made of flexible PVC materials. This type of conduit is heat and cold resistant so it will protect the wiring system inside your sauna. This type of conduit does not shrink, crimp or collapse so you can feel safe with it inside your sauna. When buying liquid tight conduit for your sauna, look for some thing that is mildew and mold resistant. Remember that your sauna is a humid place which can be a good breeding ground for some types of molds so make sure that you do not invite the bacteria in by using products that are susceptible to mild dew and molds.

Use the Right Wire

Most types of saunas use copper-wired heaters so you might want to use this type of wire as well for your lighting system. Copper wires are generally recommended by contractors and electricians because they are durable, heat resistant, good conductors and will corrode. Moreover, copper wires are compatible with most types of electrical tools so you need worry about looking for some special tools to install your sauna lights. Like most types of electrical wires, copper are flexible and easy to join so you can securely splice and tap it into the existing wiring system of your home. In terms of cost, copper wires are generally cheaper compared to other types of wires.

Choose the Right Kind of Light

Even if you install your wiring system properly, you cannot feel safe unless you use the right kind of lamp inside your sauna. For safety reasons, you need to invest in a vapor proof lights that can withstand high temperatures. Do not install your light directly above the heater to avoid accidents. Also, see to it that your wiring system does not pass directly over or beside the heater. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can damage the wiring insulation that can lead to serious problems.