4 Tips on Ceramic Tile Repair

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Working with ceramic tile repair can be tricky if you aren't sure of the process. Ceramic is a difficult material with which to work. It is easy to chip and crack when working. Here are several tips that will make the job simpler.

New Tile

Whenever you are getting the new tile, it is important that you make sure that you take the old tile with you. Doing so allows you to get the right tile without worries. It is easy to get replacement tile that is just slightly off without realizing it until it is too late, and you have already brought it home.

Save yourself a trip back to the store by taking the old tile with you. While you are at the store, purchase more tile than you need so that you will not have to worry repurchasing tile when making future repairs.

Tile Removal

Remove the tile slowly and use the right tools. Use a chisel to remove the old grout that surrounds the tile. You will also need a hammer so that you can get the chisel underneath the tile while you are removing it.

Ensure that the floor is as smooth as possible when you are removing the tile. Both the old grout and the adhesive need to be scraped from the floor. The smoother the floor is, the longer the new tile will stay in place.

Dry Time

Once you have successfully laid the tile, it is very important that you allow it to set for the right amount of time. The tile should set for at least 24 hours. Once it has had time to set, you will be ready to apply the grout.

Not allowing the tile enough time to dry can result in it not being laid properly and sticking like it should. The grout should not be applied and the tiles should not be walked on until they have had 24 hours to completely dry.

Ensure that you completely clean the area of excess grout, as well as any filmy residue before it has completely dried. Allowing it to dry this way will make it especially difficult and nearly impossible to remove later.


Safety is one of the most important parts of any project. Wear safety goggles. Take your time and do not get into a hurry.