4 Tips on DIY Wedding Catering

Wedding catering can often account for one-third of the wedding budget. If you want to do your own wedding catering, you can obtain huge savings. Success with DIY wedding catering will rely largely on the assistance of others. You can establish plans yourself before delegating responsibility to friends and family. Check out these tips so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Understand Influencing Factors

Be aware of key issues such as food safety, storage and presentation. You'll want to observe the following points:

  • Establish where you'll keep food prior to the reception. Make sure that suitable refrigeration options are available. You may also need to decide what you will do with unused food after the guests have actually eaten.
  • Make sure that all pre-prepared food can be safely re-heated and maintained at safe temperatures. You want to prevent any outbreaks of food poisoning.
  • Ensure that you can keep cold items at a sensible temperature. Remember that any delays, such as wedding photographs or seating late guests, can affect food quality.

Organize and Plan

The success of DIY wedding catering will ultimately depend on your ability to organize. Aim to keep the menu as simple as possible and try to choose food items that are easy to cook in advance. Remember that dishes like stews, curries and casseroles can benefit greatly from standing.

You may also wish to find out if the venue you are using for your reception offers cooking and storage facilities. Having food at the reception venue in advance will help cut down on the stress of rushing food items to the tables at the last minute.

Assign the responsibility of transporting and serving food to a trusted friend or family member. Try not to give out too many responsibilities to one person in particular. Everybody should have enough time left over to enjoy your happy day, as well.

Reduce Costs

You can keep costs under control by making the event alcohol-free or by only serving alcoholic beverages for the toasts and speeches. Alternatively, opt for a cash bar, where guests will be responsible for buying their own drinks. You may even prefer to invite guests to bring their own alcohol.

You can reduce costs further by having only wedding cake as your dessert.

Consider Portion Size

One of the most frustrating aspects of wedding catering is waste. By carrying out the catering yourself, you can establish adequate portion sizes. Guests can have enough to eat without trashing lots of remains at the end of the reception. The following guidelines are ideal for portion management:

  • Allow approximately 6 oz. of meat per person. Remember that vegetarians will need an alternative dish.
  • Allow approximately three medium potatoes per person. Include a cup of vegetables per guest in your estimates.
  • Allow an extra 10% on top of everything (for hungry or unexpected guests).

With effective planning and a few willing pairs of hands, your DIY wedding catering ideas should come to fruition without embarrassing mishaps.