4 Tips to Fixing a Blocked Dishwasher

If you are like most everybody, you will find washing dishes by hand to a boring and unexciting thing to do and you depend on the convenience brought by a dishwasher to make life easier for you. However, the appliance is just like any other home gadgets where a variety of problems occur every now and then. One of the most common among these is a block on its drain. A dishwasher that does not drain normally is usually a job for a plumber but you may just be able to do it yourself. What you will need are a few basic tools and you can have your appliance running again.

Basic Appliance Check

The first thing you have to do when your dishwasher do not drain properly is to check whether it had completed its last cycle. The appliance will not really drain completely until it has completed its last cycle. If there was something that interrupted it, then the washer will retain some standing water inside. Among the things that can cause an interruption is a power failure while the appliance is running. If this happens, you should check on the fuse or circuit breaker that runs the dishwasher. A simple resetting of the breaker may be all that is needed. You should also conduct an inspection of the dishwasher door. If it not closing the way it should or it opens while the machine is in operation, it will cause a malfunction.

Dishwasher Clean Up

If you think that your dishwashing machine is blocked, what you should do is to clean the appliance. Bigger bits of foods can block the dishwasher drain and make water flow back up. Take out any food that you find on the bottom of the machine. You can do it easily with a gloved hand. As a precaution, always remove as much left over food from your plates as possible before putting them in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Hose Check

To ensure that they are still attached securely, check the hoses running from your dishwasher. If you have no idea where they are, you can check on the owner’s manual for the machine. There will also be instructions there on how to repair hoses that came loose or have to be adjusted. You should also look at the hoses that go from the dishwasher to your sink. If you find anything blocked, use a pipe snake or auger. You can also unclog the pipes with a wire cut from a clothes hanger. Check on each of the parts that have to be cleaned and learn how to remove the dishwasher basket. If there are any dirt and debris around, you can clean them off with a wet rag.

When to Seek Help

If you still cannot unblock the dishwasher yourself in spite of the various remedies that you tried, you can call for a professional. There must be some complicated problem in the appliance that is causing the blockage, and only the skill of someone who has been properly trained will know what to do with the problem.