4 Tips to Using a Socket Wrench during Plumbing Repair

You can use a socket wrench to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts when you do home improvement work in your house. The socket wrench is composed of the socket, the lever, as well as the switch.

Tip 1- Determine Size of Nut or Bolt

Examine the type of work you need to do, then pick the socket wrench that is perfect for the job. Determine the size of the nut that you need to either loosen or tighten.

Tip 2- Attaching  Sockets

Slide the square hole in the socket and on the square knob located on the lever. When it is in place, you will hear a clicking sound to indicate that it is ready.

Tip 3- Tightening and Loosening

Move the socket wrench in the direction you choose. You can either tighten the bolt or loosen it. Usually, you should turn the socket wrench to the right in order to tighten and turn it to the left in order to loosen the nut or bolt.

Tip 4- Hexagonal Opening

Place the hexagonal opening on the nut or bolt that you need to adjust. Twist the hexagonal opening in the opposite direction and repeat the process.