4 Tips when Setting the Height for Your Table Saw Blade

A table saw blade is the most important aspect of your saw. Your table saw can help you get through big projects in a short amount of time. The position of table saw blade is important in ensuring that the saw is working at its best possible output. Knowing how to adjust your blade for different projects is a must. It is a simple procedure that makes a large difference in your project. Here are some tips to use while setting the height on your table saw blade.


The friction that is cause by a saw blade can be dangerous. You can minimize the friction on the work piece by setting the saw blade lower rather than higher. A good rule of thumb (and to keep your thumbs)is to have the blade height set with the one tooth rule. The one tooth rule is, that you should allow the blade to be one full saw tooth above the wood piece you are working on. Saw blades are different, so using this rule can help you in determining the correct height for your blade without needing to bring out the measuring square. Another benefit of this rule is that you will help to keep the blade away from your fingers. The less blade that is showing, the less chance of your fingers getting caught.


When accuracy is key, you will want to use a measuring device in order to ensure perfection. Many projects will call for the use of a table saw for making grooves. These grooves obviously will not need to go through the whole piece of wood. Making certain that they are accurate is a key concern. One of the best ways to do this is to find top dead center of the blade, otherwise known as TDC. Each woodworker will have their own way of measuring and finding TDC. Many favor the combination square for its accuracy and ability to measure small points of measurement.

Lower When Done

When you are finished with your project you will also need to think of protecting your blade and other surfaces from harm. Lowering the blade when you are done for the day will ensure protection. Many home shops may use the saw table for other things beyond cutting and a blade that is above the surface can cause harm. Placing a board or piece of cardboard on top of the table saw surface will help to protect the saw as well.


When setting the height for your table saw blade, keep safety in mind. It is better to have the machine unplugged when making adjustments. Having the machine off, but with power may cause an accident that no one wants to think about. It is better to be conscientious now then to be regretful later.

These are just four simple tips that are out there for working with your table saw. Keep in mind all safety concerns when working with any machinery. You will also need a good dose of common sense in order to work with most machinery.