4 Trophy Case Design Ideas

A trophy case is a great way to show off those trophies you or your team have won in the past. If you’re a good athlete, you may have acquired several and it's natural that you'll want to display them. There are many ways to do this instead of just having them standing on a shelf.

Bookshelf Case

A set of glass fronted bookshelves can make a great trophy case for a team or individual with plenty of trophies to display. If you only have 1 or 2, this won’t work as well because they’ll look rather lonely. However, if you have 10 or more, this can be a good solution.

A bookcase can take up a lot of room so you need to have the space for it. However, glass fronted bookshelves can double as an impressive trophy case. As well as using them in your own home for a private display, it's also entirely possible to use them in s team clubhouse or to display awards a company has won. Always consider the size of the bookshelves if you're having them as a trophy case in your own home as they may seem overwhelming unless you’re a professional athlete.

Rotating Case

If you just have a few small trophies, a rotating trophy case with accent lighting is an ideal way to display them, especially if your space is limited. The rotation means that they’re all displayed in turn and the lighting makes them stand out a little more If the bottom of the trophy case is mirrored, the light will be reflected upward, thus increasing the effect and presence of each trophy.

Free-Standing Case

The great advantage of a free-standing trophy case is that you can it anywhere in a room. They also come in different sizes ranging from small cases that can sit on a dresser to something with several shelves that stands on the floor.

The portability helps if you’re changing the design of a room because you'll always be able to move the trophy case around to show your trophies off in the best light. These kinds of cases are easy to find and are relatively cheap. If you want a case for just a few trophies, you’ll be able to find what you need without breaking the bank.

Recessed Trophy Case

If you’re very serious about displaying your trophies attractively, you should consider a recessed trophy case. Well lit, they can be very impressive and provide a wonderful way of showing off your trophies.

The recessed trophy case can be small in size to hold just a single trophy or they can have shelves to hold multiple awards. With small recessed trophy cases, you can put in a few different ones around the room although with larger ones, you could be limited to having one on either side of a fireplace if you require a permanent view.

The great problem with recessed trophy cases is installation because it involves taking out part of the wall and maybe even some of the studs. Once they’re in, you’re also stuck with them unless you want to patch the walls.