4 Types of Actuated Ball Valves 4 Types of Actuated Ball Valves

Actuated ball valves are machine parts which have a revolving ball that controls the amount of liquid that flows through piping systems. There are many different types of actuated ball valves. Here is a listing of some of them:

1. 3-Way Actuated Ball Valves

A 3-way actuated ball valve diverts the flow of liquids through piping. It is one kind of valve in this category.

2. Manual Actuated Ball Valves

Manual valves are very good because they are easy to use and don’t require as many tools to operate. They can be made of bronze, or types of steel.

3. Air Actuated Ball Valves

Air actuated ball valves have stronger flow levels, are less likely to drop in pressure, work more smoothly and are compatible with a variety of machines. Air actuated ball valves pump air through the pipes to move the ball valve to a new position. They have a high flow rate and can be used in hazardous places.

4. Electric Actuated Ball Valves

Electric actuated ball valves don’t need a signal from a pneumatic source. They offer a high flow, smooth movement, and don’t require a minimum pressure to work. Electric actuated ball valves are usually 110 volts and come in a variety of sizes from ¼ inch to 3 inches.

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