4 Types of Angle Grinders Explained

There are several different tasks that angle grinders are suitable for so being aware of the varieties available can be beneficial. Making sure that you have the correct grinder for the job will help you to carry out the task in an efficient manner whether it is for cutting or polishing.   

1. Electric

One of the main types of angle grinders on the market are the electric variety, which makes use of mains power to work the motor. Due to the popularity of this type of power tool, you will find that there are many varieties available on the market from a range of manufacturers. The tool will comprise a cord that is used to plug into the socket, which will give it limited range, but it can be extended with an extension cord. This type of tool can be found in a range of different voltages, depending on how powerful it needs to be, and is commonly used on building sites due to its suitability for heavy duty jobs. Larger sizes of angle grinder will normally be electric and more powerful, which will require the addition of a second handle to help support the tool while it is in operation.   

2. Battery

Cordless angle grinders can prove more convenient than their corded counterparts as they will be easier to move about while in use and when it is to be transported. With this tool, you will not have to worry about the proximity of a power socket and the ability to use it in high locations. The battery powered version is popular due to the ease in which the battery can be replaced or recharged. The best way to work is by having two batteries so that you can charge one while using the other. Some manufacturers will supply a charger with battery powered grinders so that they can quickly and easily be charged. Lithium-ion batteries are used due to their ability to be recharged and their low weight.

3. Pneumatic

Angle grinders that make use of compressed air form part of the range of pneumatic tools. Despite this variety of the took being available in a small size, it can produce a significant amount of power. The smaller discs tend to work at a higher number of revolutions per minute than the larger variety, which can cause them to wear out quicker. As with other types of grinder, it is possible to attach an additional adjustable handle and a safety guard.  

4. Petrol

Petrol powered angle grinders can be an option where a cordless version of the tool is required. This type of will often be of a larger size that is beneficial for industrial uses. Not only will you be required to ensure that you have the right type of gas for this tool, you must also ensure that you have a sufficient supply to enable you to complete the task. It will be necessary to take extra precautions when using a petrol powered grinder to prevent any leakage.