4 Types of Central Heating Pumps Explained

Central heating pumps are very useful to have in our homes. It takes out the heat on summer, and brings in heat on winter. It replaces conventional type of heat generating systems, and although it is an electrical appliance, it is highly efficient and uses minimal electricity so it is worth buying one for your house. Now there are 4 types of central heating pumps, each has its own advantages in producing the required heat for your home.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

This type of central heating pump extracts heat from the air outside to produce the kind of air needed for the house.  Also air-source heat pumps have low maintenance requirements so you can really save a lot with this type of heat pump at the same time still getting the same quality of heat that is needed in your home.

For this type of heat pump, it is a must that you provide the proper ventilation for your air source heat pump. If the carbon monoxide remains confined in a room for a period of time, any small contact with flammable materials can cause mishaps that could have been avoided if only proper measures were met.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

This type of central heating pump uses the natural heat from the ground to improve efficiency and lessen your operational expenses.  This is a more natural approach because heat absorbed from the ground have a combination of solar and ground power that helps lessen its energy consumption.

The front up price may be higher compared to other type of central heating system but in this type of heat pump, your savings in electricity will cover up the initial cost within 3 – 10 years. Not to mention that geothermal heat pumps usually has a life span of almost 25 years.

Gas-Fired Heat Pumps

This is a new type of heat pumps where it eliminates the usage of electricity but rather uses gas or oils to keep the machine running. Not many households use this type of heat pump, but more commonly to commercial buildings considering how much it will save them in the energy expense.

This type of heat pump is also environment friendly because it has less carbon monoxide emissions  compared to other heat pumps. This can really be helpful for our environment to be pollution free.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

This is also a new type of heat pump that  also uses energy to keep it running, but it is 3 times more energy efficient compared to the other types. Although this unit should only be installed in room temperature of 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit and has at least 28.3 cubic meters of space. Anything lesser than that will affect the performance quality of your heat pumps.  

Another good thing about heat pump water heaters is that it can also be used as a water heater for your home. That means additional savings for you.