4 Types of Custom Hoods

When you choose a hood for your vehicle, you want to make sure to get the best selection of custom hoods there are. You can shop by make, model, color, and size. This allows you to find what you want, instead of settling for something that is factory stocked. Many custom hoods are designed for more than just appearance, since they can add to the overall performance of your vehicle. Here are a few types of hoods, and how they benefit your car.

Cowl Hoods

This type of hood describes a complete, factory made hood that is ready for assembly right from the manufacturer. This type of hood allows air to be forced through quickly and directly into the air inducers, which allows the air to blow into the combustion chambers. This is often known as cowl induction, hence the cowl hood. Since air is one of the most important components to get the proper fuel ignition for performance, a cowl hood is an easy fix. The more air that the engine receives, the better the engine will run. The process of custom fitting a cowl hood involves an alteration of the previous hood. You need to determine the exact size to have it fit on your vehicle and work right. The cowl is then attached to the hood to allow proper ventilation. There are various types of cowl hoods that you can choose from, depending on your tastes and what looks good on your vehicle.

Carbon Fiber Hoods

You can buy carbon fiber hoods in various colors and sizes, depending how big your vehicle is and what color you would like the hood. They are made from carbon fiber which allows your engine to get the proper air circulation, while still being able to look stylish. A carbon fiber hood will give your vehicle the air it needs for maximum engine performance.

Fiberglass Hoods

Fiberglass hoods are easy to assemble and they allow the right amount of air ventilation while still being stylish. You can order your fiberglass hood, choosing from different colors and sizes to match the needs of your vehicle. They are made from fiberglass, which means that they are not easily dented or ruined by small accidents. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Steel Hoods

Depending on your vehicle, you may need a steel hood. These are heavy duty hoods that are rather large and bulky. They can be bought inexpensively, and in an assortment of colors and sizes to meet your vehicles needs. They also allow proper ventilation throughout the hood of your vehicle to ensure the engine is getting enough for the air inducers, which allows your engine to run better.