4 Types of Drywall Sanders Explained

A drywall sander is an essential tool in drywall installation. It is used in smoothing the plastering compound that is used during drywall installation. There are several types of drywall sanders available for purchase at your local hardware store, including the manual sanding block, orbital drywall sander, portable cable sander and the dustless turbo drywall sander. In choosing the right drywall sander, you should consider the volume and type of the drywall that you will be working on as well as how much you are willing to spend for this tool. Read on to learn more about the different types of drywall sanders.

Manual Sanding Block

Manual sanding blocks are flexible drywall sanders perfect for small jobs such as repairing parts of broken drywall, sanding corners and smoothing round edges of the drywall. A manual sanding block has the following dimensions:

  • Width : 2.75 inches
  • Length : 4 inches
  • Height : 1 inches

Manual sanding bocks come with fine and medium grits and are available in dual and single angles for sanding in tight places without sanding the opposite drywall. You can attach a sanding sponge to a manual sanding block to sand corners and use chamfer and bullnose beads to smooth round edges of the drywall.

Dustless Turbo Drywall Sanders

For an avid handyman, the dustless turbo drywall sander is a lightweight sander with equipped with a vacuum to collect dust and drywall particles. Its rectangular head allow for easy sanding in tight corners and areas that are hard to reach. It can also be equipped with a special type of sandpaper with a mesh backing that prevents clogging and last longer than ordinary sandpaper.

Some models of dustless turbo drywall sanders are equipped with an air turbine capable capable of generating 10,000 rpm for speed sanding. A detachable extension boom comes with the dustless turbo drywall sander ideal for sanding ceilings and high drywall areas.  

Portable Cable Sanders

Portable cable sanders are aggressive sanders commonly used in professional jobs. Its 13-foot extension boom is perfect for sanding ceilings and high walls without the aid of a ladder as well as sanding large drywall areas. However, portable cable sanders are heavy and expensive weighing as much as 8 lbs with a price tag of $800.

Orbital Drywall Sanders

Orbital drywall sander a handheld power tool perfect for home improvement projects as it can be used is various home improvement tasks such as drywall mudding compound removal as well as removing paint and rust. Although a versatile tool, an orbital drywall sander does not come with an extension boom which means that you need to use a tool or a ladder when sanding high areas of the drywall as well as when sanding ceilings.

Sanding is a messy task, so it is advisable to wear a mask that covers both your throat and nose to protect you from dust and drywall particles while you work. You should also wear a good pair of safety glass  during sanding.