4 Types of Garage Roof Trusses

If you are trying to choose the right type of roof trusses for above your garage, you have several options. Consider the following types of trusses as you plan the roof for your garage.

1. Common

The common truss is shaped like a wide triangle. This is the industry standard when it comes to using a truss above a garage. This type of truss provides ideal support for the garage roof.

2. Mono

A mono truss is like cutting the common truss in half down the middle. It is used when you only have to slope the roof down in one direction.

3. Flat 

Another type of truss that you can use is the flat truss. This type of truss is basically in the shape of a rectangle. These are among the easiest types of trusses to construct, and they are also very effective.

4. Scissors

This type of truss is essentially like a large triangle such as the common truss, except that the bottom of it angles up towards the roof. This is the ideal truss to use if you want a taller or a cathedral ceiling in your garage area.