4 Types of Outdoor Shades

There are many different options for your home garden or patio when choosing an outdoor shade.  Some prefer convenience, while others want style and appeal.  Some are looking to create additional space in their yards, which act as extended indoor spaces for entertaining and relaxing.  

Most Common and Affordable Shade

Patio umbrellas are the most commonly used shades in home gardens and patios.  While they may not seem like permanent solutions for adding shade or creating the feeling of additional recreational space, patio umbrellas are ideal for creating a shaded space away from the foundation of the home.  They will still protect from the sun and create the same indoor/outdoor atmosphere that is important when entertaining.   They also require little maintenance and can be cleaned and packed away at the end of the season with little worry of become damaged by inclement weather.  

Traditional Awnings

An awning is a more permanent fixture in the home and can add great curb appeal if installed properly.  Awnings are usually made out of a metal frame that is attached to the house over windows or larger patios.  The fabric is usually a canvas is slipped over the frame and sealed to protect moisture from entering the protected area.  Awnings are a good option for homeowners who desire to create an indoor feeling outside while being protected from the sun and the elements.  They also work to shade the windows inside the home, generally keeping the house cooler without using excess energy.  

Sun Sail

Outdoor sun sails are one of the most interesting architectural options for shading your garden or yard.  Usually these are manufactured and installed professionally as they take some design planning to install. However, there are some homemade versions that work just as well.  The sail shade looks just like the sail of a ship strung horizontally with artistic directions overhead to not only protect the garden from too much direct sunlight, but to also allow enough sun for the plants to thrive.  Out of all the outdoor shade options, this is one of the most unique and most likely one of the most expensive.  

Roll-Up Outdoor Shades

Roll-up outdoor shades are also a great option for home gardens that receive intense sunlight during some parts of the day and extreme shade during others.  The roll-up looks similar to most traditional awnings, however, they have the capacity to retract when not needed.  They are convenient and come in both manual and motorized models. The roll-up also has the same function as the awning and protects the indoors as well, keeping your home cool during the hottest times of the day.  

When choosing which outdoor shade to  use in your garden, it is important to not only look at your budget, but determine how it will work with the décor of your home and garden.  Use these handy additions to create an outdoor oasis with style.