4 Types of Pool Liners Explained

Swimming pool liners are an essential part of a residential built-in swimming pool. There are different types of pools, such as above ground and sunken as well as various shapes of pool. Each pool has a liner to suit and you should always get the correct liner if you need to replace your current one.

1. Above Ground Overlap

An overlap pool liner is fitted by way of overlapping the top edge of the swimming pool wall. It is usually covered over with what is known as a "coping strip" to keep it in place and firmly affixed to the pool. Strips can be flat ribbon or tube style. If you decide on this type of liner, take accurate measurements of your pool to ensure correct length. These liners are made from a very durable vinyl which will not tear unless completely abused by a sharp blade and will last a great many years. They are available for purchase in 20- or 25-gauge vinyl and even different colors and patterns.

2. Above Ground Unibead

These are otherwise known as J-hook liners. The liner is the same shape as an upside down J and they are usually fitted over the inside wall of the pool. They do not need to be held in place by coping strings or strips. Again, durable, heavy duty vinyl is used in their manufacture. This is a rather unique sort of liner, in a way. It is adaptable to virtually any above ground pool and can be utilized as a "beaded" liner as well. Usually 25 gauge in thickness, they will fit pool heights of 48 to 54 inches. These can also be adapted for unibead liners because of their design. You can simply tear off the excess lining at the dotted line to fix it in the right place.

3. Above Ground Beaded

Beaded pool liners are inserted into a track, which makes them completely different from other styles of liners. In some cases they will "snap" into a specially designed channel within the pool structure. This is referred to as the "bead receive" and is a continuous and unbroken line around the entire pool rim. They are usually straight up and down style with a flat top and a crochet hook style latch. Heavy duty, durable vinyl is also the material of choice.

4. Above Ground Expandable

Expandable pool liners are very tall liners. They are designed to accommodate any extra vinyl that might be required if your pool is long enough for a deep end. It gives about 2 to 3 feet extra depth. Expandable liners cannot be installed in any other pools than oval, and they must have a buttress strap that runs over the middle. If you are installing a thick, durable, vinyl expandable liner, you should make sure it is strapped correctly, otherwise no matter what you do, you will end up with wrinkles in the floor of the pool. They have a tendency to move about more so than other styles.