4 Types of Window Air Conditioner Kits

The heating and cooling needs of your home can be expensive to put in place, which can lead you to consider a window air conditioner kit to keep your home cool. These kits will enable you to complete the necessary work yourself and save on labor costs. Being aware of the different varieties on the market will help you to find one that is suitable for your needs, which will benefit your home.

1 – Horizontal

A window air conditioner kit that can be fitted in the window recess horizontally is one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems. They are widely available from a range of different suppliers, such as hardware stores and home improvement retailers. These units can be anchored to the window of the property, which will enable you to fit it securely in place before it is connected to the electricity supply. The kits should include weather stripping to seal the unit from the outside air. In addition to cooling the air in the room where it is fitted, it also works to dehumidify it. You may find it beneficial to fit the unit at a slight angle so that any condensation that builds up on the unit drips outside.      

2 – Vent  

It is possible to obtain a window air conditioner kit that will enable you to fit a vent into an existing window. This type of air conditioner will create a situation where air can be circulated to allow in cool air from outside the property. They will make use of air flow to lift slats or spin the blades of a fan to make it work, which will mean that an electricity supply is not necessary. This option comes with a variety of different features including the ability to connect to lighting so that the air conditioning turns on when the light is switched on.       

3 – Vertical

Where an awkwardly narrow window is to be used for the purpose of fitting air conditioning, a vertical window air conditioner kit should be used. These work in the same way as a horizontal air conditioner but are just a different shape. They are designed to fit into a narrow window without hindering the ability to close it. Different models will vary in how they are fitted and accessed, though they will all get the job done.  

4 – Multipurpose

A window air conditioner kit that has multiple uses will enable you to use it for both cooling and heating. In addition to the function of cooling and dehumidifying a room, the same unit can be used as a source of heat. The systems can be fitted to the window in the same way that standard air conditioners can be. These units will often be more costly than those that only have a single function. The amount of energy needed to run this system will also be higher than with other varieties.