4 Types of Wood Patio Chairs


When picking out your wood patio chairs for your deck or your backyard, there are four main styles to choose from. 

1. Folding armchair

While plain in design, these wood patio chairs are great for accenting any design style.  Adding a splash of color with an outdoor throw pillow can pull together the look of your outdoor area.  Because they fold easily, these chairs require next to no room for storage and are easy to transport to a cottage or campground.

2. Rocker

Nothing says relaxation like an evening out by a fire pit, curled up in a rocker. These wood patio chairs are the same as their indoor counterparts, with a water resistance stain that makes them a perfect addition to your outdoor space.

3. Lounger

These chairs are perfect for laying out and catching some sun.  With an adjustable back you can lay out flat, or lounge around reading a book.

4. Adirondack

No outdoor area is complete without an Adirondack chair.  These classic wood patio chairs are built low to the ground for maximum comfort.  Once size fits all, since you can adjust the slope of the back by moving the arms of the chair.