4 Uses for a Bamboo Trellis 4 Uses for a Bamboo Trellis

Four creative uses for a bamboo trellis would be to use it for a fence, screen, decorative garden archway, or for supporting climbing plants. A bamboo trellis is lightweight and flexible, very economical, and easy to install. It adds a very creative, elegant and charming look wherever it is used. An easy addition to any garden, bamboo trellises are able to provide the functions of more costly materials at a fraction of the cost.

Construct a Bamboo Trellis Fence

A bamboo trellis fence will provide a lighter, more airy structure which will cost less and be more attractive than restrictive traditional cedar fencing. Replace the costlier 4x4s with 2x4s supports for greater savings and lumber that is easier to cut. Bamboo trellis material is less expensive and will hold up as well as cedar. Additionally, there is no painting involved with bamboo, thanks to its natural finish. It will also let more sun through for sun-loving plants.

Bamboo Screening

Using a bamboo trellis for decorative and private screening is an excellent idea, as it allows for privacy while not calling too much attention to it. Bamboo trellises surrounding a home give an air of oriental elegance, while providing the inhabitants a great degree of personal space. Homeowners can look out, while neighbors have a restricted view of what is beyond the bamboo screening. For greater privacy, hanging plants or vines can augment the bamboo screening.

Decorative Garden Structures

An excellent, creative use of a bamboo trellis, or several in combination, would be to use them as garden archways or simple walls to separate flower arrangements. The use of bamboo trellises provides boundaries, serve to define different areas, and allow for shading. A barrier of bamboo trellises along a South-facing wall will provide shade to plants and the household. For garden vegetables or flowers that cannot tolerate too much sun, a bamboo trellis will be an easy remedy. These structures can also be movable and versatile as sun conditions intensify or diminish, providing for flexible gardening needs.

Bamboo Trellises Support Plants

Using bamboo trellises on a smaller scale, they can be very useful and beneficial in supporting vegetable gardens. For example, bamboo trellises can be strategically placed to support the growth of many vine plants, such as peas, tomatoes and grapes. Place a smaller version of a bamboo trellis in a garden area, and then plant seeds of plants that require a structure to attach themselves to for their growth. The growing plants can be trained to grow along the bamboo trellis. This will also facilitate easy harvesting of plants.

Growing roses alongside bamboo trellises is an excellent combination of structure and plantings. Climbing roses do extremely well when trained and provided with a nearby structure to grow onto. They will also be very easy to prune and trim as they gain in size. Grape arbors are another example of structures providing support for the growth of plantings. Grape plants need the solid structure that bamboo trellises will provide. They will also be easier to prune, which will support greater and more fruitful growth.

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