4 Uses for a Pneumatic Hammer

man using a jackhammer
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A pneumatic hammer is more commonly referred to as a jackhammer or power hammer. They are of the same family and do roughly the same thing on differing scales. A pneumatic hammer is typically connected to an air compressor that feeds into the device.

Once you apply pressure to the triggers the blade begins to move at a very rapid RPM up and down through the shaft.

This generates enough thrust to break apart most materials. The pneumatic hammer can be found in many sizes and speeds and some can have their maximum speed adjusted to your needs. Pneumatic hammers have many uses.

1. Road Construction

A pneumatic hammer is one of the main tools of workmen contracted for the job of road repair. They often use the pneumatic hammer to chisel away the road to create an even surface in which to lay asphalt.

They are also used to break through the road to the sewers below in order to create new manholes or access points. What many people do not realize is that roads are made from layers upon layers of asphalt, stone, concrete and other materials. This makes a road very difficult to break through without using a pneumatic hammer.

2. Rock Removal

When you are digging trenches for use as ponds, swimming pools or house foundations you may come into contact with a large boulder. Most rocks you come across are easily removed but some cannot even be removed by using a backhoe.

These large boulders hinder projects often. A pneumatic hammer may be called in and used to chip away at the boulder. The pneumatic hammer will break off large chunks of the boulder to be more manageable.

3. Concrete Walls

jackhammer breaking up concrete

Concrete wall removal is difficult and made more so when enforced with steel. If you could knock it over it still will be impossible to move. The solution to this problem is to use the pneumatic hammer to break it into chunks that can be removed with a bulldozer or other such heavy machinery.

A pneumatic hammer was used to break away the Berlin Wall. Using a pneumatic hammer for this particular problem requires one that is portable. You will also need to be able to be elevated in order to reach what has to be removed.

Smaller pneumatic hammers are used to install concrete hardware without having the user exert any strength.

4. Building Construction and Demolition

Tools that are traditionally used to rip down a home or aspects of it include sledgehammers, axes, pry bars and other pieces of equipment. Large pneumatic hammers can be used to break apart the foundation of the building.

This is also the case for walls. A small pneumatic hammer can be used to install large nails, bolt and the like through metal beams, duct and conduit.