4 Uses for a Solar Clock 4 Uses for a Solar Clock

With the advance of technology, you will find that a solar clock can have other uses outside of telling the time. Being aware of this will help you determine how to save money and energy.

1 - Light

The energy that is formed within a solar clock due to the sun’s rays can be put to a number of different uses. The clock itself will often be backlit to enable the numbers on the face to be seen clearly; depending on the strength of the light, it can be used as a way to softly light a room as an alternative to candles.                   

2 - Date

In addition to displaying the time, a solar clock can be obtained which also displays the date. This will make for an energy saving device that is more useful.   

3 - Power Supply

Depending on the manner in which the solar power is obtained, you may be able to detach the solar panel and use it to power other appliances, such as a cell phone charger.  

4 - Alarm Clock

A solar clock is often advanced enough to be able to store energy that it is not using so accordingly, it will suitable for use as an alarm clock if it has that facility.

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