4 Uses for Greenboard in a Kitchen

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Greenboard is a type of drywall or gypsum board. In many ways, greenboard is exactly like standard drywall but there are two major differences apart from the fact that the covering is green. The covering of greenboard, unlike regular drywall, is water-resistant. It’s also thicker than regular drywall and comes in 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch sizes.


It’s important to realize that although greenboard is water-resistant, it’s definitely not waterproof. Once the covering is soaked, the water will work through to the gypsum underneath and the greenboard will become as sodden and useless as any other drywall. This means you can’t use it in situations where it’s liable to become soaked such as under the sink.

However, greenboard can still make a good splashback because it will only be introduced to small amounts of water rather than large quantities, and these can be quickly wiped up. Obviously, the greenboard will need to be well coated for this.

Stove Area

Greenboard is especially good for humid areas which makes it very useful in rooms where there’s likely to be a lot of steam. It is ideal in areas around the stove, both on the walls and the ceiling. With greenboard, you won’t experience a gradual breakdown that can occur on regular drywall.

Greenboard can easily be covered and painted so there will be no problem with it matching the color scheme in your kitchen. The only problem might be with lining it up with the drywall in other parts of the kitchen unless you use ½ inch drywall along the same wall as ½ inch green board.

Back Doors

There’s will inevitably be dampness in the area around the back door unless you have a covered deck or porch outside. Damp clothes are put on hooks and wet shoes are often left on the floor. This is an ideal location for greenboard because dampness is present but the area doesn't get excessively wet. The extra thickness of the green board gives more sturdiness to the walls which can be helpful in an area where there is heavy foot traffic and plenty of use of wall space. Greenboard is as easy to put up as drywall and just as easy to finish. Once you've decorated it, there’s no way of telling that it’s not standard drywall.


Greenboard is ideal for the wall behind appliances such as the dishwasher and washer. Both of them produce humidity and dampness so eventually, this can take its toll on the walls. The fact that greenboard is resistant to damp will mean that your wall can last a lot longer.

Also, if a hose leaks for a short time, the covering on greenboard will help protect the wall although it won’t stand up to a puddle that stays around for ages. In these situations, it’s a little extra security against potential water damage. Greenboard is really suitable for any place in your kitchen where there will be increased dampness. It costs more, but it can end up saving you money in the long run.