4 Uses for Mud Bricks 4 Uses for Mud Bricks

The use of mud bricks dates back thousands of years, and has been used by most cultures. Depending on the regional resources, mud bricks may be fortified with many different materials, including crushed rock or sea shells, or even hay or pine straw. What you plan to do with the bricks is a determining factor in how they are made.

1. Building with Mud Bricks

Adobe is one of several types of mud bricks, and has been used in building homes and other buildings for thousands of years. Adobe uses a straw additive for increased strength.

2. Cooking Pits and Ovens

Amateur brick making is used for building barbecue pits, smokers and primitive ovens. Kiln-fired mud bricks work better for applications involving high heats.

3. Pavers

Whether it is sun-dried or kiln-fired, mud brick is a great material for paving a path or patio. Making your own mud bricks even allows you to personalize the design or imprint.

4. Path and Garden Borders

Sun-dried mud bricks are an inexpensive way to make decorative border around trees, sections of a flower garden, or as a border for a walking path. Making your own mud bricks, you can add dyes to create wonderfully unique decorative bricks.

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