4 Uses for Plastic Mulch 4 Uses for Plastic Mulch

Plastic mulch is not like other mulch that is used in a garden. Plastic mulch is a roll of clear or colored plastic, usually black, that is rolled out in a garden.

1. Weed and Pest Control

Plastic mulch discourages weed growth and pests without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Some farmers use cultivation as a way to pull up weeds. With the plastic mulch cultivation is minimized and so damage to the roots of the plants is lessened as well.

2. Soil Temperature

Dark-colored plastic mulch raises the temperature of the soil, allowing plants to be put into the ground and grow faster earlier than normal. White plastic mulch can reduce the temperature of the soil during the heat of summer as it reflects it outward.

3. Water Conservation

Plastic mulch conserves water and is often used with drip irrigation. Plastic mulch helps to keep the soil from compacting and encourages microbial activity.

4. Vegetable Productivity

Colored mulch is matched to the color of the crop and makes the plants more productive. Tomatoes grow better with red mulch as do eggplants. Some melons and cucumbers respond to dark blue mulch.

Plastic mulch is a good tool in the garden. Knowing which mulch to use and for what purpose is the key to using it successfully.

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