4 Uses for Red Oak Lumber

Red oak lumber is highly under-represented when it comes to publicity in the market. It seems that many woods get more focus than others, depending on prices, availability and range of uses. Oak lumber is widely publicized, but only as oak, not actually specific species. Quercus Rubra (red oak) is actually a very pretty wood. The heartwood is usually a mid to dark brown and has a pink or red tinge running through it, which, when seen in certain lights, can accentuate the warm glow. Due to its opened capillaries, red oak is not particularly suitable for using outdoors, but it does have a multitude of uses indoors.

1 – Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common places you will see red oak lumber being utilized. Dance studios and areas where large floor space is required, which needs a hard wearing surface, are some places where red oak is more suited than some other woods. Not only has red oak lumber been used as flooring, but it can also be pulped down and re-modeled into wood. This is sort of the same process as reconstituted meat, where it is ground down and re-shaped. It can also be used in the making of red oak veneer for laminate flooring.

2 – Shelving

Shelves and bookcases are perfect applications for red oak lumber. The lumber can be cut thick to create floating shelves or normal bracket style shelves. It is also fantastic for the use of building libraries and book cases. If part of your home remodeling involves the creation of a study where you can display your books, red oak lumber will add a old-fashioned warmth to the study. When varnished or polished, it will look as if it has been standing for many years.

3 – Veneering

Red oak lumber can be shaved to create veneers for surfaces like laminate floors, as mentioned above. It can also be used to create veneers for cabinet making and furniture. When it is polished, red oak lumber has a special warm quality which makes a piece of furniture look exceptionally beautiful even if it's not made from solid red oak. Kitchen cabinet doors are often veneered over particle board, and they still look like solid hard wood doors. However, the price is far cheaper because of the nature of the components.

4 – Paneling

As red oak lumber is not perfectly suited to outdoor use, it is much more preferential to use it in the home or work place. Older style homes benefit greatly from the use of red oak lumber in paneling. Wall panels have been a form of interior design since the medieval period, and there are still many homes now which have wainscoting. Red oak lumber can be cut to size for tongue and grove wainscoting to add a richness to the interior of a home. Rooms with larger dimensions will benefit from the wood, and it also has good insulation properties. Wood paneling was original designed as a form if early insulation because there was no other method of heating a home.