4 Vibrant Colors for Window Curtains 4 Vibrant Colors for Window Curtains

Brightening up a room can be done by simply adding vibrant colored window curtains. Your window curtains catch the light from outdoors and will flood the room with a wash of color. Here are 4 choices in vibrant colors to consider.

1 - Bright Red

Bright red window curtains work well in a living room or dining room. It can be incorporated into a neutral colored room to compliment green, brown, black, and gray. You can also use bright red curtains in a kitchen or or bath to brighten up a dull space if your room is in a neutral color.

2 - Lemon Yellow

Bright lemon yellow curtains are great for a smaller space that you need to brighten up. Use them in a laundry room or bathroom for an instant sunny hue. Vibrant yellow curtains also work well in a master bedroom. The color is bright, but it also a calming color.

3 - Vibrant Purple

Purple has been making a come back for several years in fashion and accessories, and is being more available in home furnishings. Bright purple window curtains can add a regal feel to a living room, guest room, or dining area.

4 - Neon Colors

Neon window curtains in hot pink, lemon yellow, and lime green are loved by kids, and will give them a popular, modern palette to build on.


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