4 Vinyl Fencing Design Tips

Vinyl fencing adds privacy and value to your home. Wood and metal may look more rustic but they can rust and rot in a few years while vinyl fencing stands the test of time. There are all kinds of things you can do with vinyl fencing in order to make it stand out. Vinyl fencing is not known for its design elements but this can change. The article below will share with you several design tips to make your vinyl fencing stand out and look great.

1. Privacy

Vinyl fencing is one of the best fences for privacy. This is because when you install the fence posts you use twice as many as you do for other fence types. This has to be done in order for the vinyl fencing to remain stable. It does have a habit of buckling under its own weight. Due to the closeness of the posts you also have to place each piece of the post closer to each other. As a result vinyl fencing is great for privacy and more so than metal and some styles made from wood.

2. Use the Flexibility

Metal fences and wood fences are not very flexible. This stiffness is great if you have a yard that is perfectly square or close to it. If you want to use a fence as a functional fence but also as a means to decorate and enhance the outside of the home then vinyl fencing is a good choice. Vinyl is very pliable and can be bent much more than wood and certainly more than metal without damaging the material. If you wish to create a property line that is more rounded you could easily do that using vinyl fencing. You will need to make sure the posts are slightly further apart. The posts will also need to be slightly deeper in the ground so they do not get pulled up by their weight. This means that those awkward corners will no longer be an issue for you or the fence.

3. Never Underestimate

One severe problem you could find yourself in is running out of vinyl fencing. You can stop this from being a thorn in your side by taking accurate measurements the first time. All you need to know is the length and width of the area where the vinyl fencing is to be installed. Once you know these measurements you will be able to buy enough vinyl fencing to cover the perimeter of the yard. Just looking at your yard and guessing will not do this for you.

4. Decorative Accents

Vinyl fencing comes in many sizes and design elements which can be great for more than just a privacy screen or security. You can use vinyl fencing as a way to accentuate other elements of your home’s décor. Place vinyl fencing around your garden or in a section of the pool in a corner. You can cut down the vinyl fencing to meet your needs and to create other design elements.