4 Vinyl Lattice Maintenance Tips

A vinyl lattice is one of the many options you may want to consider for your garden. It is constructed from rigid vinyl material which has proved very useful for outdoor structures. The ease of installation and color variety help to make it an attractive option for homeowners. Vinyl also has relatively low maintenance requirements. This makes a lattice of this material one of the easiest to keep in the home. Below are 4 tips to help you keep yours in excellent condition for a long time.

1.   To Clean

Fortunately, you don’t require several products to keep your lattice in good condition. A water hose, soapy water, soft scrub brush and old towels are sufficient for the job. Fill a bucket with water and add in some mild detergent. You may opt to use a spray bottle that contains a vinyl cleaning solution for easier application. Otherwise, simply dip your brush into the bucket of soapy water and scrub the lattice. Work from the top and move sideways until you get to the bottom. Be sure to give an extra scrub to the stubborn dirt areas. Use your garden hose to rinse the lattice thoroughly, then wipe with an old towel. It is best to clean your lattice every couple of months to prevent dirt and grime build-up.

2.   Stains and Mildew

Although vinyl doesn’t catch stains easily, you may still encounter these occasionally. It is best to clear stains as soon as possible as it only gets more difficult to do so if left unattended to. Oxygen bleach is a safe product to use for removal of stains on vinyl. It also helps to kill mildew. Mix water and bleach in a ration of 2:1. Place in a spray bottle to enable you to apply with ease. Before application, be sure to wash the lattice as shown in the preceding section. Once you spray, let the solution sit on the lattice until you notice the stains and mildew disappear. You can then wash and rinse the usual way.

3.   Safe Cleaners to Use

Be careful to use cleaners that won’t compromise the integrity of your vinyl lattice. Avoid abrasive cleaners and rigid materials when you clean. Such products can easily cause discoloration and scratches which ruins the fine appearance of your lattice. In most cases, cleaners that are environmentally safe will work well on your lattice. You can find various cleaners especially suited for vinyl on the market.

4.   Scratches and Repairs

These could develop on your lattice from garden equipment use. Dip a clean rag in some lacquer thinner and buff at the affected area. Scrub until the scratch disappears. It is a good idea to inspect your lattice regularly. This will help you spot areas in need of repair. It helps if you have a vinyl lattice repair kit at home. You’ll find this useful when you need to undertake small repairs on the lattice. It helps to maintain it in good condition for longer.