4 Wall Door Stop Options

A wall door stop can save the door handle hitting the wall and causing damage. There are a few basic styles available for wall door stops


The most wall door stop is the wedge. This is a triangular piece of rubber that you insert under the door when it’s open. It keeps the door open, but prevents it moving. It’s cheap, requires absolutely no installation, and has the advantage of keeping your door in exactly the position you want.


The magnet wall door stop consists of a short steel pole that screws on to the baseboard and a magnet that screws to the door itself. This, too, will keep the door open and stop it hitting the wall. Closing the door takes no effort. Just grab the door as you normally would as the magnet disengages.


The most common type of wall door stop is the spring. This is a sturdy spring, tipped with rubber, that screws to the baseboard. It can compress when the door hits it, but not enough to allow the door to hit the wall.

Soft Wall Door Stop

The soft wall door stop is a circle of rubber mounted on metal that screws to the wall. When the door opens, it hits the rubber before the handle can touch the wall.