4 Ways a Toilet Tank Cracks

A toilet tank.

A toilet tank needs to be replaced every once in awhile. There are many different reasons you might notice a crack in your toilet tank. Some of these cracks are repairable, but others are more extensive and will require you to buy a new toilet.

Crazing Due to Age

A crackled surface on a sink, bathtub, or toilet tank is called crazing. Older fixtures experience this problem, because the older fixtures were made with a mixture that included cement. The cement will cause shrinkage which produces a crackled finish.

This crackled finish is actually considered to be a good thing by some, and they look for it in older bathroom fixtures. If a sink has a crackled finish, it usually won’t need to be replaced, but if a toilet tank has crazing, it might be best to buy a new toilet. As long as the glaze is still in tact, the crazing should be okay, but if there is a crack or wear in the glazed finish, you might need a new toilet.

Cracking Due to Age

As a toilet gets older, it becomes more prone to cracking. Depending on the size of the crack of the toilet tank, it might be repairable. If there is a crack in your toilet tank, you need to repair or replace it immediately. If a crack is in one line, it can usually be repaired. You might need to replace your toilet tank if there are multiple intersecting cracks that look like the veins in a leaf. Leaving a crack will only make it bigger, and you’ll probably have a leak if you aren’t careful. If leaks aren’t repaired, you’ll do damage to your floor and subfloor. You can also cause ceilings to leak if your toilet is on the second floor.

Cracks from Repairing

If you improperly repair or replace certain parts of your toilet, you might crack your toilet tank. Even simple repairs can result in cracks or leaks. If you tighten the bolts too much that connect the toilet tank to the back of the toilet bowl, you can crack the toilet tank. Too much tightening to any nuts or bolts of the toilet can cause cracks. In the same sense, you need to be careful when putting the toilet tank lid back on the toilet, because it can crack the top of the toilet tank.

Cracks from Impact or Accidents

While there generally isn’t a lot of roughhousing that goes on in the bathroom, accidents can still happen. If someone slips while getting out of the shower, they could fall into the toilet tank and put a crack in it. If a hair dryer or other appliance is dropped onto the toilet, it could crack the bowl or tank. Accidents can happen, and if you crack your toilet tank, you either need to repair it right away or replace the entire toilet. If the toilet tank is broken from an accident, turn off the water and replace the toilet immediately.