4 Ways to Add Art to a Wood Fence

A wood fence can be an attractive outdoor garden feature but it can also age and begin to look dull, lifeless and uninteresting. There are man ways people can jazz up their wood fences by giving them a little personality. Merely slapping on a coat of creosote is not always the ideal solution and sometimes it takes a modicum of imagination to create a special feature out of a boring old wood fence.

1 – Painting

Just painting a wood fence will give it a lift, but painting a flat color onto a flat surface does not offer a great deal of inspiration. Using colors to jazz up a fence by painting a sea side mural, a natural scenic back ground or a fun fair on your fence will offer a personal touch as well as a bit of uniqueness to the fence. Painting one side of the garden fence with one scene and other opposite side of the garden with a different scene can also create an different outdoor space. On the one side you can paint a beach scene and have a children’s sand pit with buckets, spades and seaside pebbles to create a kiddies area. On the opposite side the adults can enjoy a beach mural with palm trees, white sand and tranquil settings with deck chairs and a cocktail table as additions to the back drop.

2 – Photography

You don’t need to paint the wood fence to create a sense of individuality. If you had photographs you can blow them up, have them put on water proof canvases and hang them on the fence. They will have long lasting durability with the water proof covering and will keep fine for many years. Large photographs of frogs near your pond, or a tiger, lion or leopard coming from behind your rose bushes will add a 3 dimensional aspect to an otherwise dull wooden fence.

3 – Paint by Numbers

Abstract art is another form of self expression which will enhance your boring wood fence. You do not need to work to a specific pattern or technique. Mark out areas where you will paint various colors and paint them in various shapes and sizes to add an abstract feel. Primary colors are bright and effective and you can add black lines between each shape to separate them from one another. You can choose abstract for the left side of the garden and perhaps something more traditional for the other side.

4 – Fruit and Vegetables

If you garden is split into sections for fruit and vegetables you can paint various things you grow on the fence. For example, if you grow melons, paint melons into that section of the wood fence and alter the picture for the next section according to what is growing there. Strawberries, raspberries, grapes or gooseberries can be drawn to indicate what is growing in that section of your garden. To the same token, the other side of your garden may be carrots, parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes and such, so paint whichever vegetable is growing in that row.