4 Ways to Keep Insects Out of Deck Joists

Deck joists could prove to be a convenient place for insects and pests to breed. Bear in mind the following tricks and tips to avoid harboring unwanted visitors in your deck wood.

Use Treated Wood

First of all, if you are still in the stage where you are building the deck, make sure to use treated wood to build it. This will be a good start to keep insects away.

Apply Liquid Pesticide

Another way to keep insects at bay is to apply liquid pesticide to the deck joists from time to time. Should there be any eggs, which are often not visible to the human eye, the liquid pesticide would kill them. This will reduce the propagation of insects from developing. You would also be reducing the impact of insects from coming near the deck. When applying liquid pesticide, make sure to read through the accompanying instructions well so as to apply it properly.

Apply Wood Varnish or Stain

It is a good idea to spray a coating of wood varnish on the deck to protect it from insects as well as other adverse conditions and impacts. Staining the wood is a very good way of reducing insects from attacking the deck joists.


By keeping the wood healthy, you will reduce the possibility of insects from going to breed in it as the weaker the wood is, the greater the possibility would be for such problems.