4 Ways to Remove Stains from a Tub Drain

What You'll Need
Nail file
Super glue
Abrasive powder
Scouring pad
Pumice stone
Fine grain sandpaper

Removing stains from a tub drain can be very frustrating. No matter how hard you scrub, the stains just don’t seem to go away. Here are quick and easy to do it yourself tips on how to remove stains from your tub drain.

Step 1 - Use a Sand Paper

This is the easiest and most inexpensive way of taking the stain off your tub. Use sandpaper, preferably the superfine type and simply rub the stain off. Sandpaper can take the stains a way without damaging your tub drain unlike bleaches or any ordinary cleaners who couldn’t handle the job. Tear a part of the sandpaper and start rubbing the stains away.

Step 2 – Use a Nail File

Nail files are not only good in managing your nails but also a very effective way to remove stains without causing any scratches to your tub. This method is not only friendly to your pocket but also makes it easy for you to reach spots in your tub that are not easy to clean. Sandpaper can also do this job, but there are specific areas wherein a nail file would best do the job because of its size and solid form.

Step 3 – Use Super Glue

Now if the first 2 methods didn’t work, It is recommended to use a super glue on the stains and use a pumice stone to chip off the dried glue. Usually the stains will go with the chipped off glue therefore making it very easy for you to take of those unwanted ugly stains. But a word of advice, do not scrub too close to the counter top but when needed, use the sandpaper instead on these part. Usually when glue is applied on the stains, even the fingers can be used to chip it off.

Step 4 - Use Abrasive Powder

Now if your tub drain is made of porcelain, using abrasive powder dissolved in a small amount of water and a scouring pad for scrubbing can easily scrub away those dirty stains. If the scouring pad isn’t enough, you can also use a pumice stone to do the job.

Once the stains have been removed, you can moisturize your counter with oil. Rub the oil to polish and buff any marks of the sanding you did. After doing these quick and easy steps to remove stains from your tub drain, not only does your tub drain looks well, but also didn’t cost you too much. Just take note of these tips and removing stains in your tub drain will never be a problem again.