4 Ways to Repel Gnats

Gnats are small pests that love the smell of food or particular substances. They can get around your house in their buzzing mantra only to feast on your food and lay eggs. Thus, it is a must to get rid of gnats in your home with the following tips.

Disposal of Food Waste

Discard any food from your indoor trash bins. Moldy and rotten food attracts gnats and other pests even more. Making sure that your house is free of these items would also mean a gnat-free living.

Turning Off Lights

Turn off lights when they are not in use. Outdoor lights attract gnats during the night. Turn them off before going to bed.

A Jar with Vinegar and Sugar

Cover the jar with a cloth that has tiny holes in it. Tie it around using a string or rubber. The gnats will be attracted to the smell of vinegar and get trapped inside the jar.


Wipe the lid of a deep bowl with detergent then fill the bowl with vinegar and dish soap. The gnats would dive in the vinegar mixture and drown. Be sure to make the edges of the bowl as slippery as possible.