5 Different Types of Wedding Bands 5 Different Types of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands symbolize love, commitment and trust between two people who choose to say “I do”. But in the rush of pre-wedding activity you may not fully consider all the choices available in a wedding band, and yet you will be wearing this ring your whole life. This brief presentation introduces various types of wedding bands and discusses some of most important details and choices.

1. Type of Precious Metal

While most people chose a plain gold wedding bands but you have many options that will make a simple band unique. Gold itself offers a variety of colors depending on the use of another co-metal: the pink one is mixed with copper, white gold uses silver and, of course, the  traditional yellow gold is pure gold. However, some people chose to wear silver wedding bands because they are more casual. Other choose platinum, which is the most expensive precious metal and is commonly combined with diamonds. Apart from precious metals, other materials such as titanium and stainless steel are used in wedding bands. They are original alternatives you may consider.

2. How about the Decoration?

If you already have an engagement ring with a diamond, a matching one will be a great complement. Most men prefer a plain ring without any decorations. Women, on the other hand, tend to choose rings with diamonds. This brings a problematic issue into the picture: whether to choose matching wedding bands or not.

3. Jewelry Style

Deciding on the jewelry style is very important, especially if you and your fiance chose to have matching wedding bands. The wedding ring should match your lifestyle and blend with your everyday life. Avoid excessively ornate rings if both of you share a simple lifestyle and plain ones if your social life is stunning. There are some famous jewelry designers who offer exclusive, brand wedding rings. Christian Bauer, Reinstein & Ross and Alex Sepkus make some of the most artful and unique rings for those who can afford it.

4. Width and Height

Be careful with this choice, because the ring’s width and height are important for your comfort. It is best to try all rings that you like. However, it is sometimes hard to judge how comfortable the ring is before wearing it for some time. Pay attention to its shape as well. Those suitable and comfortable ones are not excessively wide or taller than a knuckle, with shapes fitting best to finger.

5. Engraved or Not?

Most people engrave their names and/or wedding date but if you what to be original, you may inscribe something more personal. However, keep in mind the limited space for engraving. Also beware that the engraving itself traps dirt and soap residue. Besides some possible discomfort, it is wonderful to have your rings engraved as a special message between you and your partner.

Whatever your choice of wedding bands, remember that nothing can substitute love and fidelity. You may not even wear the band, but if your heart is filled with every single word of the wedding vows, joy awaits you ahead. Good luck with the wedding! 

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