5 Above Ground Pool Fence Styles

An above ground pool fence is a safety precaution that you should think very carefully about. With an above ground pool, there is still a need for a fence to enclose it. The fence will keep kids from going into the pool when there is no supervision, keeping toys within the pool, and keeping things safe with some water games. Options for buying an above ground pool fence does not have to fall into the typical. Here are a few fence styles you can think about.

Vinyl Fencing

To start this short list of above ground pool fencing styles is the typical vinyl fence construction. This fencing is a good option as it is maintenance free and easy to install. This type of fence encircles the above ground pool by sitting on top of the railing. Not only is their great height, but the mounting brackets are also very strong. If you are looking for a low cost solution to above ground pool fencing then this is a viable solution.

Wood Fencing

Another great option is wood fencing for your above ground pool. Using a wood structure for a fence does require more work, but the look is priceless. To install wood fencing around your pool there are two options to choose from. The wooden fence can be a ground installation that encircles the pool for keeping animals and children away from the water. The second type of fencing would be a small wooden catwalk around the pool with the fence around the perimeter. A wooden above ground pool fence does look great, but there is maintenance needed in staining and waterproofing. 

Wrought Iron Fencing

Having an above ground pool is a great idea for many who do not want to spend tens of thousands on a pool. Integrating into a landscape is something that can be a little difficult at times. While a wood fence is a great way to fit an above ground pool into a more modern looking garden and landscape, a wrought iron fence will work perfect for a more rustic look. This type of fence is also great for pools that are attached to a large deck. The wrought iron fence will have all of the safety features of other fences, and will also look great. Depending on how you want the fence to look, maintenance is a personal item.

Deck and Fence

One of the advantages of having an above ground pool is the ability to also have a deck around it. Many vinyl, metal, and wood fencing kits have a seating area, and walk around paths, integrated fence, and stair onto the deck and into the pool. They are relatively low cost compared to building each individual item yourself and can be installed rather easily with a few power tools and some good friends.

Platform Fence

One of the great modern styles of fencing in your above ground pool is to use a large platform deck that completely contains the pool and gives it an in-ground look and feel. A fence is usually used around the perimeter of the deck as a way to keep out animals and children when there is no supervision.