5 Advantages of a Glider Rocking Chair

A glider rocking chair has several advantages over other types of rocking chairs. They won't mark up the the floor, and they have a smooth, dependable rocker action. Glider rocking chairs are available in large, bench sizes but they can also be luxurious indoor chairs with plush upholstery and top quality construction. If you aren't a believer yet, these 5 advantages for having a glider rocking chair will help you understand why this type of chair is such a popular choice.

Advantage #1: Gliders Don't Mark Flooring

Because it sits on a stable base, a glider rocking chair won't mark up a wood or tile floor the way ordinary rocker rails have been known to do. For even more protection, place a small rug under the base of the glider rocker. This will also allow you to easily move the rocker around on smooth floor surfaces. Marking the floors is the single biggest reason people decide not to buy a rocking chair, but a glider rocking chair eliminates that problem. completely.

Advantage #2: Smooth Rocker Action

They make an excellent baby rocking chairs. The smooth motion of the glider tracks provides a consistent rocking motion that cannot be matched by a traditional rocking chair. As long as the chair receives regular preventive maintenance, the glider tracks will last for many years, far exceeding the time it takes for baby to outgrow a crib or rocking chair.

Advantage #3: Luxurious Indoor Seating

For a touch of luxury, a leather glider rocking chair is a wonderful indoor seating idea. A cross between a swing and a lounge or sofa, some glider rocking chairs combine the smooth motion and rich upholstery to create a warm, sophisticated seating choice. Accent with a couple of satin pillows or velvet armrest covers, and you have a wonderfully personal creation.

Advantage #4: Larger Rocking Chairs

Glider rocking chairs are available in many different sizes and shapes. In most situations, it is easier to find a bench seat glider rocking chair than a bench seat traditional rocker. The larger the width of the bench, the more practical a glider becomes, as it can be reinforced as needed with additional supports and glider tracks. There is no hard and fast rule that says wide chairs need to be glider rocking chairs, but the fact is that ordinary rocking chairs become more difficult to build as the width increases.

Advantage #5: Easy to Customize

A wooden glider rocking chair can be easily modified to fit your personal tastes or needs. For instance, use a wood burner to engrave a name or pattern in the chair back. Another great idea is build add-on cup holders, or build them directly into the arms of the glider rocking chair. Many people design umbrella tables or end tables to match their glider rocking chairs, while others simply decorate by using pads and colorful cushions. But don't be fooled, the variety of cushions, and their coloration can have a huge visual impact on the chair.