5 Advantages of Choosing Welded Wire Fencing

If you are in the farming or manufacturing industry or have an area you want absolutely secured from intrusion, you will want to install welded wire fencing. This type of fence is the most heavy duty and most impenetrable fence on the market, and it comes in many gauges of thickness for your needs. It can be used for everything from keeping in very large animals or as a deterrent to thieves who may want access to supplies or work equipment. This type of fence cannot be cut by traditional standards, as it is a thick gauge steel fence that requires torches and labor to penetrate.

Impenetrable Security

The first thing that stands out about welded wire fencing is that it can be purchased in many thicknesses for your needs. Cattle farms can get thick enough gauge material that even the strongest bull could knock themselves unconscious from impacting it. The fence is built in cross sections of welded steel and generally has to be installed by professionals unless the owner has extensive welding knowledge. The fence can also be made at any height, depending on the fence's purpose. It can be built 40 feet tall and made impassible by humans as well as wildlife and is deployed in many inner city applications for property security. 

Unmovable Stability

Welded wire fencing is one of the most stable fence structures on the market, as it is constructed from steel, and the actual posts that hold it up are mounted into the ground equally as deep with cement footings. These types of fences, depending on the thickness of its weave, can even take impacts from vehicles without showing much in the way of damage. They generally tower over the landscape where they are installed and are used commonly in zoos for elephants and larger wildlife containment.

Complex Construction

The main thing people will notice at first glance about welded wire fencing is its complex construction. The intertwining bands and bars across the panels make it appear like a fortress wall. Large immobile construction sites may deploy this type of material, as it is very sturdy and requires little maintenance. The panels are hooked together on a weld that will not break or crack over time if constructed properly. This type of fence is an expensive long-term investment and is not really for residential use.

Maintaining Impacts of Extreme Force

Because this type of fence requires professional or well trained personnel to install, welded wire fencing can really take front-on impacts without showing signs of damage. This type of fence can take impacts from large animals, vehicles, and any other large body impact without taking the damage found in traditional fencing. This type of fencing is very pricey to install, as it will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and repair. 

Weather Resistant Materials

The greatest thing, besides it being very sturdy and able to take large force impacts, is that welded wire fencing is generally made of stainless treated steel bands or rods. Because of this, it is weather retardant and requires little maintenance once installed.