5 Advantages of Exterior Basement Waterproofing

waterproof basement

There are a wide variety of reasons to choose exterior basement waterproofing techniques to protect your basement. Moisture can be a serious problem in any basement, so keeping the space properly waterproofed is very important. A damp basement can be a cause of structural damage, property value loss, and even health problems. Damp basements are also much less useful than dry ones. The following article will explain the importance of waterproofing the exterior of a basement.

Area Covered

The benefits of exterior basement waterproofing center around one fact: While interior basement waterproofing keeps water out of your basement, it doesn't keep water out of your walls. That can lead to problems from water interacting with your paint, wood, insulation, wires, and pipes. Obviously, not waterproofing your basement at all is even worse.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew will only grow under moist, humid conditions. Waterproofing your basement from the outside will significantly reduce the area available for mold and mildew to grow. That is very important, as mold and mildew take a great deal of effort to remove, and can damage food, paper, walls, and even cause respiratory problems. Preventing their growth before it occurs is important for your both property and health.

Damaged Possessions

Moisture damages stored items in basements. In moist, damp areas, it is impossible to store objects such as food and paper without them being damaged. Obviously, a basement that can only store waterproof materials is not a very useful basement at all. If you would like to keep food, books, or anything made out of paper in your basement, then a proper waterproofing strategy is a must.

Increased Space

A damp basement may take up less space than a dry one, but it is not equally useable. Nobody wants to live in a damp area, or even spend much time in one. If you wish to have extra space that you can make good use of, you will have to waterproof your basement.

Structural Damage

Allowing moisture into the walls of your basement can lead to serious structural damage. Wet wood is much more vulnerable than dry wood to a wide variety of problems that can both reduce your home's value and safety. For one thing, termites require a great deal of moisture in order to thrive. They live very happily in damp wood and cause huge amounts of structural damage to your home. Damp wood is never good anyway, and it's vulnerable to rot on top of termite infestation.

While you can solve these problems after the fact, you are better off protecting the walls of your basement with exterior waterproofing before the problems arise.